Altitude 2013

Altitude is an event for connection and inspiration.


Altitude provides the opportunity for students to see a snapshot of the bigger movement of Chi Alpha and realize that there's a lot more to this than just your individual campus. Students from campuses across North Texas will be coming together to connect during this crucial time in the semester. Whether it's an profound time of prayer or a hilarious game of Mafia in the Hotel lobby... you are sure to make connections that you will never forget!



:: Inspiration

Prepare yourself for more than just a fun time because Altitude is always an incredible time of inspiration to reach your campus with the good news... you know, that whole 'Kingdom of God' is here thing. We're actively engaged in communicating the Gospel of Jesus in a relevant and inspiring way that resonates with our generation. Altitude is just the place to come and find the inspiration you'll need to join us in this journey.



4099 Valley View Lane,

Dallas, Texas 75244



$65 by Sept. 20th       $80 by Oct. 9th